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5 Items You Should Put in a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

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When it comes to putting your items in storage, some of your items should go into a special climate-controlled storage unit. Not all your personal belongings can withstand the temperature changes that occur in a regular storage unit. It is important to understand what items need that extra level of protection.

#1: Electronics

One of the items you should always put in climate-controlled storage is electronic items, ranging from a television to a sound system to your vacuum. Anything with electronic components can easily get damaged by extreme heat and cold. Your electronics are sturdy, but they can easily be damaged by extreme temperatures.

#2: Antiques

Antiques have survived for decades, if not for hundreds of years because the people that owned them took good care of them. If you want your antiques to left, you need to take care of them. One way to take care of them is by storing them in a climate-controlled unit, and by carefully wrapping up and preparing your antique items for storage.

#3: Collectibles

Collectibles fall along the same line as antiques. If you want your collectibles to last, you need to make sure you protect them. Putting them in a climate-controlled storage unit can help lessen the chance of your collection getting damaged. If you are storing something such as stamps or comic books, you are going to want to wrap up these items in acid-free archival paper to keep these items safe.

#4: Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are sturdy and designed to be used for thousands of hours; however, a musical instrument only last that long if they are properly taken care of. A wood instrument, such as a guitar, for example, can easily warp if not kept at the right temperature. A brass instrument, such as a trumpet, could also suffer damage if it is not kept at the right temperature. With musical instruments, you should store them inside of an appropriate case, and keep them in a climate-controlled environment.

#5: Furniture

If you have any furniture that you want to put in storage, always put it inside of a climate-controlled storage unit. Furniture is designed to be kept at room temperature. When it is kept in really hot or really cold environments, your furniture can get damaged. Metal furniture can develop rust, and wood furniture can warp. Your furniture may also develop a mildew smell to it when kept in a damp environment.

A climate-controlled storage unit is the best option for keeping a wide range of items, from electronics to antiques to collectibles to musical instruments to furniture. Contact self-storage facilities to learn more.