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How To Manage Inventory In Self-Storage Units

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Self-storage units are an excellent option for storing items that cannot fit in your home. While choosing the appropriate storage facility will ensure your items are safe and sound, you should also create an inventory to keep track of all your items. Here are some tips on how to manage inventory in self-storage units.

Take It One Box at a Time

When creating an inventory, begin with one corner of the self-storage facility and work one box at a time. Carefully empty each box and list the items you take out. Label the box and include this label in the list.

Create two copies of the list: one for reference and one to stick on the box. If you have numerous storage boxes for different rooms in your home, categorize them by room in your list.

Make a Master List

You need to update your inventory list each time you add or remove an item from the storage unit. To make this easier, create a master list on a spreadsheet. The list should feature box labels and the items in these boxes.

The master list enables you to track items digitally instead of dealing with liquid paper all the time. Create copies of this master list and save them on different storage devices like a removable flash drive and the cloud. Backing up this information will save you if your computer crashes and you lose all the data.

Use Shelves and Label Them

Using shelves in your self-storage unit is an ingenious way to keep the facility clean and organized. It also makes it easier to find items. Each shelf should be associated with a specific room. For example, all bedroom storage boxes should be placed on one shelf. 

Also, make sure you label the shelves. Using shelves also elevates boxes and prevents damage that may arise due to water, pests, and rodents.

Create a Map and Key

Humans are visual creatures, this is why it is advisable for your list to have some visual aid. A map and key of where boxes are located and what types of items, they contain make it easier to access things in your self-storage unit.

This is especially important if you have rented out a large storage facility with many different boxes. These diagrams are also handy if you are sending someone else to retrieve an item from the unit. Not only do these diagrams save you time when you need something urgently, but they also help you know where every box or item is located.

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