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5 Step Guide To Storing Property In Small Storage Units Safely And Preventing Any Damage

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There are a lot of reasons why you may need to store some of your property in a storage unit. No matter why or what you are storing in a storage unit, you want to make sure that it is stored safely and avoid problems with damage. The following steps will help you get the right storage unit and store your property safely.

1. Finding a Unit with Enough Space to Store the Property You Need a Safe Place for

One of the first things that you will want to consider is the size of the storage unit that you need to rent. Consider the floor space and access for large objects that you are storing. If you are storing large furniture, equipment, and boxes, consider the total cubic space in the unit that you are planning on renting.

2. Talk to the Self-Storage Facility About Security, Surveillance, and When You Can Access Units

You are going to want to also talk to a self-storage service about the type of surveillance they use to ensure your property is secure. The hours that you are allowed to access your unit are also important information that you will want to ask about. It may be better to have more security but only be able to access the unit at certain times to keep your property safe.

3. Cleaning and Disinfecting the Storage Unit to Prepare It for Storing Your Property

You do not know what was in the storage unit before you started renting it. Therefore, even though the unit may look clean, you will want to do your own cleaning. Mainly, make sure that there is no dust or debris, and then, disinfect the unit with a commercial disinfectant spray to ensure it is safe to store your things.

4. Using Pallets, Tarps, and Other Materials to Keep Your Property Off the Ground in Storage Facilities

There are many different things that people store in storage units. Therefore, you want to keep your property off the floor to protect it. Pallets are a great way to protect your property from damage due to things like leaks and spills. You can also use tarps on the floor and on top of your property to protect it from damage while you are keeping it in a self-storage unit.

5. Properly Storing and Packing Property into a Storage Unit to Ensure It Is Safe and Does Not Get Damaged

It is also important to properly pack your property into a storage unit to ensure it does not get damaged. This should be done by stacking the heaviest and strongest materials at the bottom of the unit to support the weight of more fragile objects. If you store anything like liquids or containers with materials that can cause damages, store them upright at the bottom and make sure they cannot get bumped or tipped over.

These are the steps you will need to take to store your property safely and prevent damage while using a storage unit. If you need to store your things for any amount of time, contact a self-storage service to get the right size unit for your needs.

Reach out to a storage unit facility today for more information.