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Top Tips For Storing Your Recreational Vehicle (RV)

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If you want to ensure your recreational vehicle (RV) remains in good condition, you may need to store it at some point. Regardless why you're storing your RV, you'll want to do the right things to ensure you avoid any problems. Making the most of your storage efforts can be made with greater ease when you put the following tips to work.

1.    Keep it clean

You never want to put your RV in a storage unit if it's dirty. You may be in a hurry at some point and be tempted to do so, but it's ideal to rethink this and give your RV a wash. Washing your RV before putting it away for weeks or months is a great idea and can protect the paint. You may even want to wax this vehicle before putting it in storage.

2.    Open the vents

It's likely you may have vents on the top of your RV. Rather than keeping these closed while it's in the storage unit, you'll want to be sure to leave these open. Doing this will drastically decrease of smelly odors remaining in your RV while it's in storage. Letting some air in is always a great idea when placing a vehicle in a sealed place for a long time.

3.    Remove all food

You'll want to go through your RV several times to ensure there aren't any food crumbs in place. You may occasionally eat in your vehicle, and this could lead to several bits. It's a great idea to take time to vacuum the interior of your RV for optimal results. Failing to do this could lead to pests taking over your vehicle, and this is the last thing you'll want to face.

4.    Keep it locked

Did you know that locking your RV is essential even if you have it in storage? If a person was to break in to your storage unit, it's possible it could be stolen if left unlocked. However, thieves may not have time to try and start the RV even though the storage locker is broken.

Taking care of your investment is very important and can allow you to enjoy it for years to come. It's never in your best interest to avoid caring for your RV when you place it in storage. Doing the right things may allow you to get the absolute most from this situation and prevent damage.

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